Advanced Brush pack

Main difference with basic brushes is that advanced tools use different renderer approach CommandBuffer.

It has some cons and pros.


  • It's possible to use different matterials at once. This means that your line can have several different materials (like a car and skidrows)
  • You can use stamp and pattern drawing.


  • Command buffer doesn't have mesh pool so Garbage collector could run more often than if you will use basic brushes. You can see some freezes. But don't worry this doesn't lead to any app crashes. just some freezes (Garbage Collector need a time to clear unused memory, so at the frame when GC called your FPS goes down)

You can see that every brush which use commandbuffer has SetMaterial filter. It's mandatory to setup material to the points in the line.

Command buffer brush

You can also see that all tools as well as basic tools supports regions drawing.

Brush (commandbuffer)

This is like a standard brush but use command buffer render approach

Command buffer brush


This is like a spray but use random circles with random colors

Command buffer brush


This tools support drawing on existing image. so it will erase not to the default color but to the background image

Command buffer eraser


This tools supported tiled texture and tint color

Command buffer pattern brush

Stamp Brush

You can use any textures as a stamp. Stamp applied to the canvas only when line is finished. otherwise it's just temporary showed.

Command buffer stamp brush

Trail Brush

This line contains of two different textures. one is a skidrow - which applied right to the canvas and the car which applied only at the last frame.

Command buffer stamp brush